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Life is often uncomfortable, autism or not, and what gives me consolation is that I can help people in some way (or let them think, but that's very ambitious).

Besides making the 20angles podcast/blog, I also do bioinformatics and artificial intelligence work.

I also do freelance writing about way-to-difficult (scientific/philosophical) topics, often in an amusing column-like style. Published in Knack, Datanews, Charlie Magazine en De Morgen (personal favorite:

I use my 32 wonderful years of suffering to help people/organizations with autism/adhd/neurodiversity (speaking/consultancy). I would be happy if it even helped just one person to start an intellectual quest of reflection and it propagates into avoiding the wrong decisions. And complementarily, that organizations finally see a different brain-functioning as an essential part of a complex puzzle.
(Many requests since my tv appearance in "Taboe", might take a while to respond)

I read a lot of books, you can find my reading list here

I love to travel, often with a bike, and I do athletics as well.

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